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Dear Choir Members

The Board is very excited to open the next stage in the selection process for the host city of Various Voices 2026.

We now all get the chance to view the bids from Barcelona and Brussels. 

Once your choir is ready to vote please score both bids 1 to 5

(5 being the highest)


Each choir may only submit their votes once, if more than one set of votes is cast we will only count the most recent votes cast

The voting opens on

1st August and closes on 31st August 2021

Your vote link was sent to your choirs email address registered with LEGATO

If you do not receive your link or wish to amend your formal email please contact us at: 

The host city for Various Voices 2026 will be announced by December 2021 and there will be a handover ceremony in Bologna.


Both our bidding teams have worked immensely hard to offer us all the best experience for 2026 and we thank them for contributing to our mission. 

LEGATO VV2026 Team Bid Scores and Review.png
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