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LEGATO Board Member Volunteer Outline                                                     

The LEGATO Board of Directors sets our organization’s strategic direction and goals ensure its financial viability, and fundraising, and oversees governance and the day-to-day activities of LEGATO.


LEGATO Choirs membership is very diverse, and we hope to reflect this in the diversity of the Board membership.


Board members are expected to behave in a positive way to promote and uphold the values of LEGATO and the LGBTQ+ choral movement for equality through singing and entertainment. To engage in advocacy activities for LEGATO, which can include representing LEGATO at member choirs events, festivals, and celebrations, and providing support to choirs in their own general geographic area.


To qualify for election to the board each person must be a member of a regular member choir or ensemble. You must provide a short (half of an A4) biography, photo, and personal motivation with any plans for their board service and what they want to contribute.

Election of the board

There are seven seats on the LEGATO Board and are elected for a two-year term and you can stand for additional terms. Board members can stand down at any time but are expected to serve their full term.

Invitations to stand for vacant Board seats will be notified to the membership prior to the Annual General Meeting. 


Potential Board members should provide a statement of intent to offer board service, outlining areas of interest, expertise, skills, motivation, and their ambitions for LEGATO. Application is open to any member of a regular member choir, which is up to date with subscription payments. The election is by majority vote by more than half of the members voting at the Annual General Meeting.


Additional members can be co-opted by the board with a specific remit and timeframe. They will not have any voting rights.

Conflict of Interest

Board members should be aware to declare any conflict of interest in advance and this should be reviewed at the Board Member annual assessment.


If you are not sure please ask. Board members can be asked to step down from board service.


The average Board Members time commitment is 10 hours each month. This includes a monthly online board meeting, other committee or group meetings, correspondence, reading, research, and connections with other groups, organizations, and suppliers.


Board members are expected to attend the Annual General Meeting, and any other events and activities including the Various Voices Festival; to take an active leadership role in any development and fundraising workshops and activities of LEGATO; to participate in the annual board retreat and any other board activities.

Board members are required to serve on at least one of the committees/groups/teams. The Board and committees generally meet online and work in a democratic and collaborative manner with Team LEGATO our volunteer members. 

The Board 

The Board has 7 members who serve for 2 years and are elected by members at the Annual General Meeting and they are collectively the body accountable for the running of the organization. It is hoped that only half of the board would come up for election at any one time to provide continuity of board service. Roles are agreed upon by the board. The portfolios include: 


President - represents LEGATO, sets the agenda, chairs meetings, and leads on external relationships and fundraising.

Vice President - deputy for the President, provide support and advice to the President and to other board members as required. Recruiting, organizing, and managing Team LEGATO Volunteers.

Secretary - who will be responsible for creating meeting agendas, managing documents for the Association, taking minutes at meetings, ensuring we meet our legal requirements, etc.

Treasurer - manages finances for the Association including issuing invoices for membership fees, and following up

for payments from Choirs.

Communications - managing LEGATO website, social media channels, and communications to membership.

Membership - managing the database of member Choir information, updates, etc.

Members Support  - creating and supporting new projects for LEGATO and its members choirs.

Various Voices - supervise and support the bidding and delivery of our flagship festival.

Fundraising - to create and develop fundraising activities to meet the ongoing financial needs and future plans of the organization.


The Board

The Board has 7 members who serve for 2 years and are elected by members at the Annual General Meeting and they are collectively the body accountable for the running of the organization. It is hoped that only half of the board would come up for election at any one time to provide continuity of board service


The Core Responsibility of the Board 

  • Setting and maintaining LEGATO’s vision, mission, and values

  • Ensuring appropriate structures are in place to support and develop LEGATO members

  • Developing strategy together with any co-opted Board members

  • Maintains the strategic operational plan

  • Developing and raising funds to deliver on our plans

  • Ensuring suitable policies and documents exist and are implemented 

  • Ensuring compliance with the governing document and charitable objects 

  • Ensuring compliance with the law in Germany 

  • Maintaining proper financial oversight 

  • Maintaining effective board performance

  • Promoting the organization and protecting its reputation

The responsibilities of all Board member

A Board member of LEGATO is jointly responsible for the overall governance and strategic direction of the organization. In this regard, there are certain roles and responsibilities that all Board members will be required to undertake. These are:

Leadership, Ethos, and Ethics

  • To set, maintain, uphold and regularly review the vision, mission, and values

  • To lead and direct LEGATO in fulfilling non-profit/charitable objects and strategic aims

  • To remain accountable to members


  • To evaluate the performance of the board

  • To attend Board meetings and read all relevant papers in advance

  • To participate in committees and working parties as necessary

  • To appoint Co-opted members of the Board

  • To declare any conflict of interest while carrying out the duties of a trustee


Constitutional & Legal

  • To ensure that LEGATO complies with the Articles of Association, and pursues its stated charitable objectives

  • To ensure compliance with the requirements of the funders of LEGATO's work 

  • To ensure that legal, insurance, and any employment requirements are met

  • To be aware of and carry out any statutory obligations



  • To agree on the annual budget, and review income and expenditure in relation to quarterly and annual management accounts

  • To contribute to the fundraising strategy of the organization

  • To ensure compliance with appropriate financial procedures and regulations

  • To act as a counter-signatory on payment authorizations/bank transfers and any applications for funds

  • To ensure that any property is insured against all reasonable liabilities

  • To appoint appropriately experienced independent auditors, subject to approval by LEGATO’s membership of the AGM


Strategic Development

  • To use knowledge, skills, or experience in which they have special expertise to help develop the organization’s strategy and work

  • To actively contribute to developing a firm strategic direction for the organization, formulating annual plans and longer-term strategies

  • To monitor and review performance in meeting the objectives and priorities


  • To promote the work of LEGATO to external parties and partners

  • To safeguard and promote the values and reputation of LEGATO

  • To represent LEGATO at functions, events, and meetings (as appropriate)


  • To manage any volunteers, employees, and contracted staff

  • To promote diversity and equal opportunities 

  • To promote fairness and respect in all our business and undertakings

About you -you should be able to demonstrate:

  • A strong commitment to the vision, mission, values, and aims of the organization

  • Ability to speak, read and write in English, as the official language of LEGATO

  • An understanding of, and acceptance of the legal duties, responsibilities, and liabilities of an international voluntary organization

  • An understanding of and commitment to the role of membership organizations

  • An ability to work effectively as a member of a team

  • A willingness to speak their mind and adopt the less popular view in order to ensure healthy debate

  • Core skills around setting targets, monitoring performance, and strategic thinking

  • A willingness to devote the necessary time and effort to their duties as Board members, including a commitment and ability to attend Board meetings

  • The skills to analyze proposals and examine their financial consequences

Types of decisions being taken

  • Select the host for Various Voices festivals and manage the bidding process.

  • Develop and maintain our case for support

  • Work collaboratively to create our fundraising strategy

  • Work to source and deliver the funds needed to carry out our work

  • Manage risk around training events and activities

  • How to effectively involve "external" people in LEGATO governance

  • Which partner organization to work with

  • Select the location and activity of the annual general meeting weekend

  • How to manage the organization during a global health crisis

  • Whether or not  to approve a development opportunity that will not benefit all members equally

  • Assess the level of subscriptions and evaluate proposed changes

  • How best to use a legacy or gift

Annual Assessment

Each Board member is expected to submit to the President an annual self-assessment of their performance and declare they have no conflict of interest. The President may discuss this with individual board members as appropriate. The Vice President should assess the President.


Compensation and Expenses

Board service is considered an honor and member choirs should support Board members with the cost of board service.


Board members serve without compensation or remuneration.


Board members are expected to finance their own expenses, they can fundraise and seek support from their own choirs, groups, or organizations. Board members who are financially challenged or unable to get financial support elsewhere may apply in advance for reasonable expenses to fulfill travel or other expenses on official LEGATO business. 


Receipts and invoices must be supplied for any agreed official expenses or expenditures to the Treasurer.

Further information  


If you have any questions or are interested in serving LEGATO in any capacity please send us an email to


LEGATO European Association of LGBTQ+ Choirs.png

Team LEGATO Volunteer Outline                                     

Team LEGATO are people who volunteer to support the LEGATO Board of Directors and help to carry out their duties, roles and responsibilities, to deliver for our members.


Team LEGATO Volunteers will work in small groups led by a board member on a specific task for a set period to complete the task or on an ongoing group.

The roles will vary and will be agreed in writing with the Vice President, who will recruit, organise and manage Team LEGATO volunteers. 

LEGATO Choirs membership is very diverse, and we hope to reflect this in the diversity of the Team LEGATO Volunteers, who are expected to behave positively to promote and uphold the values of LEGATO and the LGBTQ+ choral movement for equality through singing and entertainment. 


To qualify for Team LEGATO, you need to be willing to work as a team member and share your skills and good humor and complete any tasks you commit to and tell your Team Leader of progress and share any difficulties or challenges.

Application to Join and process to volunteer for Team LEGATO 

Please submit a short written application to the LEGATO Team leader, either in response to a request or because you want to help serve our membership by volunteering. Outline any relevant experience you bring to a task or role and why you want to volunteer for Team LEGATO. 

We will process your application and this may include you to complete a short online volunteering survey. We will invite you to an online meet-up to discuss how you can volunteer and agree on the details of how you can best serve LEGATO and our stakeholders. This will be part of your Team LEGATO record that you can view at any time. A board member will mentor and work with you during your period of volunteering. There may be training and feedback sessions. There will be an assessment of your service with your full involvement and cooperation to support you and ensure you are happy and content with your service.

Conflict of Interest

Team LEGATO volunteers should be aware to declare any conflict of interest in advance, and this should be reviewed at the annual assessment. If you are not sure, please ask. Team LEGATO volunteers can be asked to step down from volunteering service. 


The time commitment will vary according to the task. At your initial interview, you will agree to your task and time commitment. An average expectation is 5 hours each month. This includes an online monthly meeting.

If you have any questions or are interested in serving LEGATO in any capacity, please email us to

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