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Minutes of the Meetings
Protokoll der Mitgliederversammlung

Here you will find all the minutes of our meetings, from 2002 till 2022

LEGATO AGM 2023 Poster WEB.fw.png

Please attend your 2023 General Meeting

Munich, 17.05.2023 / update 30.09.2023 (MG)

Invitation Annual General Meeting 2023

Dear Legato Member,


Saturday, 7. October 2023,
at 1 pm CEST (Central European Summer Time)

  • by Zoom → for video-/audio-presentation
    (Please install the application on your device) 

  • and VotesUP → for secured online voting
    (Browser-based and no additional application needed) 


Important note: only registered persons can attend the meeting. So we kindly ask all members to register the voting delegate (one per member choir) and unlimited additional non-voting persons from regular, supporting members or guests before Midnight on Monday, 2.10.2023. 


The details for registration, voting and asking preliminary questions, and addition to the agenda was send to your choir's email address registered with Legato on 6. August and 24. Sept. 2023.


If you do not receive your e-mail with the details (please check your SPAM folder) or wish to change your formal email, please write to


 Your Meeting Agenda

  1. Welcome

  2. Formalities

    1. annual report of the board

    2. report of the auditor

    3. discussion and voting on the reports and discharge of the board 

  3. Various Voices Festivals

    1. Details of the Feedback Plan for Bologna 2023

    2. Preview Brussels 2026: Report from and questions to team Brussels

    3. Information about bidding for the festival 2030

  4. LEGATO Leadership College: Brussels on Friday 14. June 2024 (9am to 5pm)

  5. Team Legato overview, who they are, what they do and how to join

  6. Singing for Equality update

  7. Board election: replacement is to be elected for one vacant position for the rest of the position term.

  8. Any other business

After the General Meeting, there will be an open forum to talk and share. 

Please note the board election:

Unfortunately Misza Czerniak is resigning and we would like to thank him for this service and contribution to Legato, the Board and the Queer communities of Europe. A replacement is to be elected for the vacant position for the rest of the position term (2022-2024). We call on all interested persons from the member choirs to stand for election and to apply via the email address The Board will also be happy to assist with any queries.

Information about the board’s tasks can be found on our website:


Yours sincerely 




Read our 2022-2023's Annual Board Report 

with achievements, plans, and budget

plus the finance and auditor report

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