We welcome you to join us in our mission to promote art and culture, particularly to promote choral singing.

To promote understanding between nations, particularly by staging events with participants from many European nations.

To work with us for the emancipation of LGBTQ+ individuals in Europe and combat discrimination against these groups.

143 members from 20 countries with 4,759 singers + 400 supporting members = 5,159 persons look to us for support and leadership.

Simply fill out and submit our membership application form below.

Application for Membership

LEGATO shall comprise Regular Members and Supporting Members:

  1. Regular Membership shall be open to European Choirs and singing ensembles with at least four members.

  2. Supporting Membership shall be open to all choirs and singing ensembles outside of Europe, musical ensembles worldwide or to all-natural and legal persons who agree with the aims of the Association and want to support them. They shall not be entitled to vote in the General Meeting.


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Contact Info

Our experience has shown that for several reasons contact persons and addresses sometimes change and not always Legato gets the necessary information. It might be helpful to keep a connection with your chorus if you provide a second contact person for Legato who might be contacted if the first contact person cannot be reached or does not answer on emails and mailings.

None of the following data will be published on the Legato website.

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Membership Fee

LEGATO funds itself through the membership fee of the member choirs.

The membership fee is thirty euros (€ 30,00) per year.

You are free for the first year if you sign up in the last two month. (November & December)

We will send out a bill together with the confirmation.

Bank account: LEGATO E. V.
Bank name: VR Bank Main-Kinzig-Buedingen eG
IBAN: DE83 5066 1639 0002 2572 20

Or use our PayPal account to make the payment



By filling in your details, you are giving permission to LEGATO to contact you relating to your membership, our courses, events, and activities held by LEGATO. We will not pass on your details to any third party. 


The above-named contact persons, hereby solemnly accord our acceptance to act as authorized signatory for the above-referred Choir and all our acts shall be binding on the business, assures that the Choir wants to join Legato and that the Choir accepts the statutes of LEGATO.

We understand and agree to comply with the terms of the LEGATO Constitution.

a. All the contact addresses entered online are correct and same.

b. The contact details would be updated as and when there is a change.

c. The membership fee is thirty euros (€ 30,00) per year.

d. LEGATO will not be responsible for any false documents submitted, misguidance and any unlawful activities practiced by the registrant using the Choir name.

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