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Bids for Various Voices 2022

The main aim of Legato is to take care about the continuation of the Various Voices Festivals every four years. For the Festival in 2022 Legato has sent out in Oct. 2016 the Call for bids. The board is happy to announce that there are now three choirs in competition to be the host of the 15th Various Voices Festival.

Please discuss these bids with your choir in preparation for the final voting at the Legato annual general meeting 2018. 

The delegates of the Legato member choirs are invited to take part at the presentation and voting at the annual general meeting in Munich at Saturday, 12. May 2018, 9-12h.

In case your choir is not attending the Festival you are allowed to vote online. Please refer for the separate e-mail from us with details about the voting process and the voting code.

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