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Popular Tags for Instagram

If you’re looking for more followers, likes, comments, and overall more interaction on Instagram, tagging your photos with relevant hashtags is a good way to get users to notice your photos. Lots of users browse keywords using Instagram’s search function, so if you tag your photos with descriptive keywords, they’re more likely to be discovered by other people.

Popular Tags for Instagram

For example, if you tag a photo of your choir with hashtag #choir in the description of the photo, users browsing through the #choir tag in an Instagram search should see your photo. Just keep in mind that it will quickly be pushed down the tag page as other people post their own photos and videos with the same tag.


If you are going to use multiple hashtags in the caption of an Instagram post, try separating them from the actual caption so it doesn't look cluttered and hard to read. You can do this by typing your caption out like normal and then making multiple line breaks, with the hashtags at the end. Some users put periods at the start of their line breaks to help guide the eyes of the viewer down toward the hashtags.


You may want to try tagging your posts with the nearest large city to try and gain some interest from local followers. For example, if you're near Berlin, Germany, you could add tags like #berlin or #germany.


If you’d like to see more, does a good job at rounding up their top 100 list of popular Instagram tags

For LGBTQ hashtags related go to

Users who find your post by browsing the tag page for the tag that you added might decide to give it a like, comment on it, or even check out your profile and start following you!

If that’s what you want, then here’s a short list of some of the most popular hashtags used on Instagram.

Popular Tags for Instagram


The best way to help us, and the main reason to grow as a Choirs Community, spread the love for choral music

#LGBTQ+ #LGBT #Lesbian #Gay #Bisex #Trans #Queer

The most important hashtags ever.  Support for the fight toward equality.

Acknowledging that nearly three quarters of LGBTQ consumers are on social media 6-7 times a week, we can leverage these platforms to better connect and engage with this audience.


“Love” is one of the most popular hashtags used on Instagram. People can use it for pretty much almost any photo, which is probably why it’s so popular.


With so many great filters that can make an ordinary photo or video look awesome, “beautiful” is an extremely popular word that is constantly used to describe an almost form of appealing photography or cinematography on Instagram.


Summer seems to be the most favored season for all Instagram users. From beach pics to pink and orange sunsets, this tag usually turns up some colorful results.


So, your dog is sleeping, and you think it’s pretty cute, right? Post it and tag it with #cute! This tag is full of adorable animals, babies, and even people.


This is another tag that can basically include any post at all. It stands for “Instagrammers,” and you can pretty much use it for any photo or video you want to show off.


This tag is generally used to describe any photo or video that a user thinks looks really great and is really proud of it.


Some users get really creative and combine more than one photo into a collage using another collage-making app before uploading it to Instagram.


The "latergram" tag can be used when you post a photo or video at a later time instead of instantly.


The individual who originally created this tag chose a popular photo from this tag group and included it in an online gallery, kind of like a contest. These days, it seems everyone uses the tag just because they can.


Feeling sad, happy, angry, confused, or some other emotion? Take a photo of (or film a video) and tag it with #instamood to show people how you’re feeling.


Many users love to tag their posts with this tag when they're photographing nature or "artsy" photos of almost anything. 

Fun Instagram Hashtags - Hashtag Trends for Every Day of the Week

Here are some great weekday hashtags you can start using right now. Just pick a day of the week, find a photo with that theme, post it with the hashtag and you're done!

Monday Hashtags

#ManCrushMonday or #MCM: Monday is a special day for all the female users on Instagram because they're encouraged to a post a photo of any guy they think is attractive.

#MondayMotivation: This is a great hashtag for posting photos of motivational quotes to inspire your friends (and get inspired yourself) when you're not quite feeling it upon getting back to work after the weekend.

#MondayBlues: Opposite of #MondayMotivation is #MondayBlues where instead of everyone inspiring each other, everyone just empathizes with how difficult it is to get back to the daily grind.

#MeowMonday: Cat owners and cat lovers, Monday is for you. Share a photo of your cat or even just a funny cat meme on the internet. After all, the internet can never have too many cats.

Tuesday Hashtags

#TransformationTuesday: Lots of people post photos of themselves when they were younger and make a side-by-side comparison to show what they look like on the current day. They also often post their fitness results or they just share some other story about how they've grown and changed over time.

#TuesdayTip: Friends and followers can always appreciate a little advice from someone who has the knowledge and experience related to something important. Share a tip that you think might benefit them on this day.

#TacoTuesday: Is there anyone in this world who actually doesn't like tacos? Tuesday is taco night, so share your delicious creations online to make everyone's mouths water.


Wednesday Hashtags

#WomanCrushMonday or #WCW: This is exactly like #ManCrushMonday, except obviously it involves photos of women instead of men. Post a photo of the gal you have a crush on and tag it with this on Wednesdays.

#HumpDay: What are you doing to keep you going strong in the middle of the week? Share it on Instagram and other social media platforms to help friends out who could use a bit of a pick-me-up.

#WednesdayWisdom: You can give out tips on Tuesday, but save your true nuggets of wisdom for Wednesday. And write a lengthy Instagram caption if you need to!

#WineWednesday: Hump day is also a good excuse to break out the wine. Share your classy wine photos with this hashtag.

Thursday Hashtags

#ThrowbackThursday or #TBT: This stands for “Throwback Thursday,” and even though the meaning isn’t really all that clear, most people use it to show a photo from the past, or to express some sort of fun activity they’re enjoying on a Thursday. This hashtag is all about posting anything that feels retro and nostalgic. In fact, it's so popular, you'll often see it used on other popular social networks, like Twitter and Facebook.

#ThursdayThoughts: Got something you need to get off your chest? Vent or share your thoughts on absolutely anything by posting with this hashtag.

#ThankfulThursday: Hey, you're almost through the week! This is a great time to reflect on what you're grateful for. It may just inspire others to be grateful too.

#ThirstyThursday: This one can be taken literally (as in thirsty for a drink) or metaphorically for anything you really desire. Be careful since some users tend to post NSFW content under this hashtag!

Friday Hashtags

#FlashbackFriday or #FBF: Strangely enough, Friday even has its own version of Throwback Thursday. It has the exact same theme as #ThrowbackThursday (posting nostalgic content) but for those who missed the chance to do so Thursday.

#FlashbackFriday sort of just gives them an extra day to do it.

#FridayReads: For those who prefer to kick back with a good back after a long week rather than go out and party, there's the #FridayReads hashtag, which encourages you to share what you're reading.

#FridayNight: If you're one of those people who enjoy living it up at the end of the week and staying out late, share your Friday night fun with this hashtag.

#FridayFunday: Similar to #FridayNight, go ahead and use this hashtag to brag about how much fun you're having on Friday.

Saturday Hashtags

#SaturdayNight: #FridayNight is another hashtag that extends over to the next day. Everyone knows that Saturday night is a big party night too, so it's only natural to want to share all the fun.

#SexySaturday: Dressing up to go out this Saturday? Snap a photo and share your style with your friends.

#Caturday: Yup, cats again. If you can't get enough cats for #MeowMonday, well, there's always Caturday!

#SaturdayShenanigans: Saturday is a day to be busy running errands and doing fun activities with the family or your friends. Use this hashtag to let everyone know what you're up to this Saturday.

Sunday Hashtags

#SundayFunday: There's no shame in showing off all the fun you've been having all weekend. This hashtag encourages you to share whatever fun activity you might be doing before heading back to work or school for another week.

#LazySunday: For those who need balance between a hectic or fun-filled Saturday and one more day to fully let loose and chill out. Show your friends and followers what you love to do during your downtime.

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