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Type: SATB
Members: 12
Founded: 2004


Cor Cantus means "Heart of the Song" and is an experienced mixed chamber choir from Copenhagen. 12 men and women - mostly with long musical and choir experience - enjoy singing and having fun together. We are performing regularly in Copenhagen and other parts of the country. Cor Cantus' repertoire is varyied and consists of music from different centuries and countries, classical and folk songs, musical, evergreens and popular music. It is our aim to entertain, touch, amuse and enrich the audience with our performance. We are looking forward to London and Various Voices 2009!

Ellen Hess Thaysen has been a founding member of Cor Cantus and the choir’s leader since then. Ellen has a long-standing experience within musical education and as chorus master, and thus has conducted various choirs since the completion of her musical education. Ellen has a B.A. in music from University of Copenhagen and is educated singing - and choir teacher at Gothenburg Academy of Music.

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