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Type: SATB
Founded: 2018

# Wonderful Supporting members
# Wonderful members


Vikerlased was created by LGBT  people for the queer community and their supporters in 2017. What started as a passing thought to create a choir that unites LGBT  people, has blossomed into a vivacious and active community choir. More than hundred singers have been part of the choir through the years. Our repertoire includes pop songs and classical choral songs from Estonia and elsewhere. We mostly sing in Estonian and English, but have sung also in other languages. Vikerlased is based in Tallinn, Estonia and has members from Estonia, Finland, Netherlands, UK, Belgium, China and Cyprus.

Apart from the Estonian song festival, we have performed at Prides in Latvia, Lithuania, Finland, Estonia and collaborated with choirs from Finland (Out 'n loud, Helsingin queer-feministinen kuoro - HQFK, The Friends of Dorothy and Kaupungin naiset), Poland (Krakofonia) and the UK (Barberfellas). We have annually performed at LGBT  film festival Festheart in Rakvere (Estonia) and at Gay Christians' Christmas services in Tallinn. In 2023, we performed at Various Voices festival in Bologna for the first time.

What does Vikerlased mean? The word “vikerkaar” means rainbow in Estonian. Vikerlased means Estonian vikings and is also the title of the first opera of Estonia.

equally mixed classic/rock/pop/musicals


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