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Type: TTBB
Founded: 2008

# Wonderful Supporting members
# Wonderful members


The South Wales Gay Men’s Chorus is an award winning male voice choir based in Cardiff, South Wales. Our members hail from all over South Wales and come together in Cardiff for weekly rehearsals and post-rehearsal drinks. We are a friendly, lively and inclusive group who enjoy making music together and hold exciting and varied performances throughout the year, across the UK and beyond!

We have four sections: top tenors; second tenors; baritones; and basses. Our wonderful music team - Music Director Christopher Fossey and Assistant Music Director Vicky Guise - help us sound at our best whilst having fun rehearsing. We have a great atmosphere, working hard to produce excellent choral music but with a lot of fun and laughter along the way.

SWGMC launched with a splash in early 2008, founded by our former musical director Andy Bulleyment. Our first Coming Out concert on home turf formed part of the Cardiff Pride Celebrations later the same year.

In the early days we worked on finding our voice and our place within Wales’ rich musical heritage. Our early audiences were keen to hear a new breed of male voice choir, and we didn’t disappoint! We sang at private events, in pubs, in churches, even on the street. We found that people wanted to hear us, people who had forgotten the wonderful sound of male voices singing in harmony, or people who hadn’t even heard a male voice choir sing before. As we became known through word of mouth, more and more men with a passion for singing came along to our rehearsals and we also had a surge in enquiries from people looking to hire us to sing at their events.

equally mixed classic/rock/pop/musicals


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