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Type: SSAA
Founded: 2005

# Wonderful Supporting members
# Wonderful members


Based in Zagreb, Croatia, Le Zbor (Le Choir) is the first mixed lesbian and feminist female choir in southeastern Europe. In the ten years since its formation (2005), the choir has gained a reputation as a major promotor of human rights and activism through arts and culture, primarily among the urban youth, but also in the wider audience. Le Zbor have given over 130 performances so far, in all of Croatia and abroad. 

Apart from concert performances, Le Zbor took part in various art projects (films, theatre shows, fine art exhibitions, fashion shows, even a comic book), and collaborated with famous croatian artists and art collectives (Sanja Ivekovic, Ivana Popovic, Dubravka Crnojevic Caric, Montazstroj).

A short documentary film was made about Le Zbor in 2009, entitled «God save Le Zbor». It was shown at several festivals in Croatia, Slovenia, Sebia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Macedonia.

Le Zbor´s repertoire consists of covers of Croatian and international pop rock hits (by Rammstein, Kraftwerk, Depeche Mode, Velvet Underground, etc), revolutionary songs, and traditional songs in new arrangements. Le Zbor´s specialty are songs about women or songs that address them-the covers of Suada, Jovana, Candy says and Katjusha have left no women indifferent.

"Hrvatske budnice" ("Rousing Croatia") is the first album of Le Zbor published by Dirty Old Records in 2012 and represents the six years of the existence and work of Le Zbor. With twelve unforgettable hits, seven illustrations by Helena Janecic; that visually interpret Le Zbor's songs, and an origami cover design by Kuna Zlatica, the Le Zbor CD is a package ready for your visual and audio enjoyment.

Inspired by the growing need for promoting lesbian-feminist sociocultural visibility group of feminists started an initiative to form an LGBTIQ choir. Our priority was to create a safe space where members of the LGBTIQ community could be free to express themselves.

The space would provide them with the possibility of using music and art to make their contribution to promoting diversity. Le Zbor was organized in October 2005... We felt that the time had come for the city of Zagreb, the country, and this region of Europe, to have their first LGBTIQ choir.



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