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Type: SATB

Founded: 1991

# Wonderful Supporting members
# Wonderful members


De Homofone was established in 1991 as one of the first gay and lesbian choirs in Denmark. The choir still plays a vivid role in the gay and lesbian community of Copenhagen and often participates in various gay events as well as arranging our own concerts at least twice a year. De Homofone first participated in Various Voices in Munich in 1997 and is now participating in Various Voices for the fourth time. Today the choir consists of about 30 gay and lesbian singers with ages ranging from their late twenties to early sixties - all of us with a love for music, dancing and partying!

Throughout the years the choir has worked with a variety of musical genres but now we prefer the rhythmical genre. On our present repertoire are songs by e.g. Stevie Wonder, Queen and Manhattan Transfer. However, no matter the genre, the main focus for us is to have fun and - hopefully - spread the joy of music. We love performing - and whether performing at the romantic, old Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen, a swimming stadium or Queen Elisabeth Hall, we are sure you will feel our spirit! You can expect our concert to be lively and fun and to leave you with a number of catchy songs on your mind!

Since January 2006 De Homofone has been conducted by Lars Lienhøft Larsen. Lars is an energetic and charismatic director with a strong sense of rhythm. Lars has a wide musical experience; as a choir conductor for more than 6 years, as a keyboard player in various rock and funk bands as well as many years of experience as a church singer. Lars also studied music and theatre at the University of Copenhagen for several years, however, ended his studies to chase another dream: to enter the police force. Now this dream has come true and Lars is guarding the streets as well as the choir's intonation! Lars carries out both of jobs with just the right amount of humor and authority!

The choir is accompanied by Fredrik Mellqvist on piano. Fredrik is a superb pianist/keyboard player trained at the Rhythmic Music Conservatory. The choir has had the pleasure to work with Fredrik many times - one of them being at Various Voices in Paris. Apart from working with us Fredrik runs a large recording studio and plays in a jazz trio which has recently released their second album. Fredrik plays with a funky, jazzy approach - and it is always a pleasure to hear Fredrik perform!

mostly rock/pop/musicals, some classical


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