Type: TTBB
Members: 12
Founded: 1987


Homophon, first gay men choir Münster has been established in 1987 and is being lead by Benno Jockweg. The chairmen are Jörg Schwieder and Mirko Wienke.

Many songs and lyrics that we're singing, have been re-arranged and/or re-written by us and though regarded as out of date by some individuals, wearing funny costumes has always been and will always be one of Homophon's characterisitc features -besides humourous, snappish and diverting presentations.

Homophon, first gay men choir Münster currently has 12 members. Benno Jockweg has been the choirmaster or many years now, Jörg Schwieder and Mirko Wienke are the chairmen.

Even though regarded as out of time by some individuals, we always have, do and will perform in funny costumes. It's like a hallmark, so to say.

The choir has been established in 1987 and is well known for fine A Capella music, as well as biting presentations. Many of the songs we're singing have been re-arranged and re-written by some of the singers.


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