143 members from 20 countries with 4,759 singers + 400 supporting members = 5,159 persons look to us for support and leadership.

We promote art, culture and understanding between nations, staging choral singing events with participants from many European nations.

We maintain an up to date list of LGBTQ+ Choirs in Europe and publish events being run by these Choirs locally, and encourages people to go and support the events.

We connect new LGBTQ+ Choirs with more experienced ones so that they can avoid some of the pitfalls of starting a new Choir.

We are actively supporting the development of LGBTQ+ Choirs in Eastern Europe, where in many countries to be LGBTQ+ is considered a crime, and people are persecuted.

We work for the emancipation of LGBTQ+ individuals in Europe and combat discrimination against these groups.



We want to strengthen communication and cooperation between the LGBTQ+ choirs in Europe.

To assist and support these choirs.

We are registered as a Charitable Association under German law.

Registration Court: Mannheim

Association Number: VR 102885.

LEGATO funds itself through the membership fee of the member choirs.

This fee is thirty euros (€ 30,00) per choir and year.

Bank account: LEGATO E. V.
Bank name: VR Bank Main-Kinzig-Buedingen eG
IBAN: DE83 5066 1639 0002 2572 20

We are more than 143 LGTBQ+ Choirs
Be part of LEGATO!


Register of Addresses of LGTBQ+ choirs throughout Europe

(will be sent by mail on request).

Calendar with dates of all performances of the choirs.

Publication of the member's newsletter, LEGATO News.

Contact with partner organizations like GALA (The Gay and Lesbian Association of Choruses).

Organization of regular delegates meetings.


Get in touch with LEGATO - European Association of LGBTQ+ Choirs to learn more about our work and how you can get involved.

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