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Type: SATB
Founded: 2019

# Wonderful Supporting members
# Wonderful members


SinCoro LGBT & Friendly is an LGBT+-friendly choir, affiliated with the LGBT community centre Gay Center and situated in Testaccio neighbourhood, Rome. It was born in 2019 thanks to the intuition of the LGBT association Arcigay Roma and, specifically, the longstanding managerial and musical contribution of Francesco Angeli and Sonia Minnozzi. SinCoro is currently made up of members of different ages and backgrounds, all united by their passion for music and motivation to offer their contribution to LGBT+ issues.

First SinCoro’s performance was on TDOR Memorial Day 2019, when the choir executed Cohen's renowned Hallelujah in order to commemorate transgender victims. SinCoro’s repertoire has since then considerably expanded and came to include pop music greatest hits and timeless classics, for example, "The Show Must Go On" and "It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year." When the pandemic hit, despite living in isolation, SinCoro did not give up uniting their voices and performed virtually "Somewhere over the Rainbow" in order to show closeness to the LGBT+ community members who were forced to live in lockdown in difficult family settings.

While resuming live rehearsals, SinCoro was happy to welcome the Maestro Maria Carolina Luzzo. She conducts the choir with grit, fun and sense of sharing, which are among the keywords of SinCoro. On the occasion of WAD 2021, SinCoro performed a new arrangement of "Hallelujah" and an energetic version of "Hit the road Jack!". In June 2022, SinCoro participated in Cromatica Festival in Rome: a splendid opportunity to share with all Italian LGBT+ choirs their passion for singing and their desire to make LGBT+ community’s voice heard.

only rock/pop/musicals


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