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Type: SATB
Founded: 1997

# Wonderful Supporting members
# Wonderful members


The Rainbow Chorus is the largest non-audition LGBTQ+ choir in the South outside of London. We are based in Brighton & Hove and have been celebrating diversity through music since 1997. 

We welcome people from all sections of our community. 

We offer an enjoyable, supportive, and affirming environment for LGBTQ+ members to sing, develop their community spirit and awareness, and enable individuals to develop their talents, skills, and confidence. 

Through public performance, we enhance the profile of LGBTQ+ people, particularly in Brighton and Hove, and contribute to the quality and range of community events. 

We believe that singing at events such as World Aids Day and Transgender Day of Remembrance sends a clear message that we are out and proud and all different. 

As part of our commitment to the local community, we also support other charities by singing to help them raise funds. Anyone who identifies as LGBTQ+ is welcome to join us; you don’t need to audition, you just need to want to sing! However, there is an expectation that you can sing in tune. 

We are supported and inspired by a fantastic music team – our talented Musical Director Aneesa Chaudhry and Mojca Monti on piano. 

Rainbow Chorus is a member of Legato, the European Association of LGBTQ+ Choirs.

mostly rock/pop/musicals, some classical


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