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Type: SATB
Founded: 2006

# Wonderful Supporting members
# Wonderful members


We are Out Aloud!

We are parents and carers. We are artists and teachers. We are police officers and students. We are doctors and nurses. We are teenagers and we are retired. We are refugees. We are your neighbours and your family.

There are friendships, relationships, civil partnerships, marriages, indeed babies that simply wouldn’t exist without Out Aloud, as well as hundreds of happy memories of connection, pride, solidarity, fun and fabulous sounds.

We are 10!

On Wednesday 20th September 2006, the very first rehearsal of a new and different kind of choir for Sheffield took place. Interest had been gauged, adverts placed, funding raised and a wide selection of teas and biscuits purchased, but we had no idea if anyone was going to turn up on the night or not.

On Saturday 20th May 2017 we sang to an audience of 500 in a fabulous concert at the Octagon, featuring Rosie Wilby and The London Gay Big Band. Just one of many 10th anniversary celebrations including singing at Paris Pride and in London with the Pink Singers and Rainbow Voices Mumbai.

We learned a lot and we're looking forward to the next ten years.

equally mixed classic/rock/pop/musicals


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