Type: SATB
Members: 14
Founded: 2018


Estonia’s first LGBT+ choir!

A brand new and groovy mixed choir Vikerlased has arrived! Vikerlased has been created for the LGBT+ community in Estonia, it’s friends, supporters and otherwise friendly people. The aim of this choir is to give voice to the LGBT+ community in a positive and empowering way – through choral singing. The repertoire of Vikerlased includes Estonian choral classics as well as newer and more colorful hits from abroad.

All friendly and tolerant people are welcome to join, both beginners and more experienced singers. The choir is new, but we aim for the XXVII Song Celebration, to be held in 2019. Why not join Vikerlased, by giving your input (and voice) to helping Estonia to become more open and friendly?

Some people have already asked what does “Vikerlased” mean? The word “vikerlased” signifies Estonian Vikings in Estonian. As it so happens, “VIKERkaar” means rainbow in Estonian


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