Type: TTBB
Members: 30
Founded: 1992


In 1992 a group of enthusiastic gay singers united in Arnhem(The Netherlands) and started the Arnhem Gay Men's Choir Het Herenakkoord. The Dutch word "herenakkoord" means both "gentlemen's agreement" and "gentlemen's chord". 

The choir was founded to fulfill the need for gay men to sing together. The pleasure in singing and the bond between members are important motives to be in the choir.

Our repertoire varies from classical to modern pop songs. Sometimes the songs have been musically (re)arranged and/or provided with new lyrics. Lyrics telling the tale of the "gentlemen's love", often with a jest, are preferred. Most songs are sung in four-parts-harmony.

Performing regularly is very important to us. High lights were the performances during big and smaller festivals, at home and abroad. However, with just as much pleasure we perform in smaller premises nearer to our home base.

Since October 2014 Christel Gelderman has been our charismatic and inspiring musical director.


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