The Legato Board invite all European member choirs and ensembles to apply to be the host for the 16th Various Voices Festival in 2026. Group collaborations are encouraged both with local choirs, cities and other LGBTQ+ groups.

The new bidding process

The board has reviewed the previous bid process and decided to expand the process, to be more open and transparent, provide more support to the bidding groups and to fully engage with you, the choirs, in a robust decision-making process. The member choirs will be asked to review the final bids submitted and to score each of the final shortlisted bids against a predefined list of criteria.

The board will rigorously test the bids, the financials, and the bidding teams. The board will provide each bidder and you with a report, so you know what's going on and the bidders get a final chance to adjust their final bid and video, for you to view and score. The board will give Considerable weight to the choir members' scores and views when selecting who will host the next festival and will tell you the reasons behind this decision.

If you have any questions or require any clarification or would like to talk about bidding for the 16th Various Voices Festival in 2026 then please get in touch with the Board:

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