Various Voices 2022 - hosted by Komos from Bologna

Hosted by Komos - Save the date!

Bids for Various Voices 2022

The main aim of Legato is to take care about the continuation of the Various Voices Festivals every four years. For the Festival in 2022 Legato has sent out in Oct. 2016 the Call for bids. The board is happy to announce that there are now three choirs in competition to be the host of the 15th Various Voices Festival.

Important: unfortunately Brussel has withdrawn their bid on 3. May 2018 

Please find here the bid documents of:

Team Bologna/Komos        Team Mallorca/Mallorca GMC      Team Reykjavik/Hinsegin kórinn

Various Voices 2022 BOLOGNA BidVarious Voices 2022 MALLORCA BidVarious Voices 2022 REYKJAVIK Bid

(for download click on the images)

Please discuss these bids with your choir in preparation for the final voting at the Legato annual general meeting 2018. 

The delegates of the Legato member choirs are invited to take part at the presentation and voting at the annual general meeting in Munich at Saturday, 12. May 2018, 9-12h (this is the correct date! in the Feb.-newsletter was a type error). 

In case your choir is not attending the Festival you are allowed to vote online here. Please refer for the separate e-mail from us with details about the voting process and the voting code.




The European LGBT Choir Festival

This Festival is the main event for the LGBT choirs in Europe and the reason of the birth of Legato: it was built as a patron to support and strengthen the idea of the festival.

Almost every four years it held in another european city and is organised from the local choirs. The Legato or GALA membership is obligatory to join the festival as a participating choir.



Various Voices 2018 in Munich

After returning home from a fabulous Various Voices Festival 2014 in Dublin we are sure that all participants are still on "higher levels".

The Legato Annual General Meeting decided during the festival about the two bids of Brighton&Hove and Munich for hosting the next Festival 2018 and chose for Team Munich.

Save the date:

Various Voices Munich
9-13 May 2018
(Wednesday evening till Sunday noon - Thursday is Ascension Day, a public holiday in many european countries)

Documentary of Various Voices 2014 Dublin

The team of Various Voices 2014 Dublin (and also Legato :-) is proud to announce the documentary of the festival:

Dear Various Voices friends,

Thank you for your patience. We can now share the Various Voices Dublin 2014 documentary with you all. It is now available on Vimeo at the link below. We so understand that Vimeo is not available in some countries, but it is the best solution we have.

Read more: Documentary of Various Voices 2014 Dublin

Various Voices 2014 Dublin

The 13th European Choir Festival in Dublin from 13.-16. June 2014 is ready for registration. Come and see more on the festival site


Bidding video


List of the 76 participating choirs

  • Brighton Gay Men's Chorus, UK
  • Brisbane Lesbian And Gay Pride Choir, Australia
  • Canberra Gay and Lesbian Qwire, Australia
  • canta:re, Berlin, Germany
  • Cantatori del Duomo, Utrecht, The Netherlands
  • Cantus Obliquus, Nijmegen, The Netherlands
  • Carmen Curlers, Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Choeur Gai de Montréal, Canada
  • Classical Lesbians, Berlin, Germany
  • CoLeGaS, Lisbon, Portugal
  • Dames 3, Groningen, The Netherlands
  • De Homofone, Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Deep C Divas, Leeds, UK
  • Die Mainsirenen, Frankfurt, Germany
  • Die Rheintöchter, Cologne, Germany
  • Die Schrillmänner, Karlsruhe, Germany
  • Die Tollkirschen, Leipzig, Germany
  • Die WEIBrations, Karlruhe, Germany
  • DieTAKTLOSEN, Cologne, Germany
  • Diversity Choir, London, UK
  • Dublin Gay Men's Chorus, Ireland
  • GALS, Auckland, New Zealand
  • Gay Abandon, Leeds, UK
  • Gemengd Dameskoor, Groningen, The Netherlands
  • Glória Dublin's Lesbian and Gay Choir, Ireland
  • Goed Gestemd, Ghent, Belgium
  • Vox Rosa, The Hague, The Netherlands
  • Het Herenakkoord, Arnhem, The Netherlands
  • Reykjavik Queer Choir, Iceland
  • Zangzaad, Groningen, The Netherlands
  • Homophon, Münster, Germany
  • Kleine Berliner Chorversuchung, Berlin, Germany
  • KOMOS, Bologna, Italy
  • London Gay Men's Chorus, UK
  • Loud & Proud Choir, Edinburgh, UK
  • Manchester Lesbian & Gay Chorus, UK
  • Mannenkoorts, The Hague, The Netherlands
  • Männer-Minne, Berlin, Germany
  • Manoeuvre, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  • Mélo'Men, Paris, France
  • Miss Klang, Hamburg, Germany
  • New York City Gay Men's Chorus, USA
  • One Voice Mixed Chorus, Minnesota, USA
  • OurSong, Atlanta, USA
  • Out 'n loud, Helsinki, Finland
  • Out Aloud, Sheffield, UK
  • Philhomoniker, Munich, Germany
  • Pink Noise, Antwerp, Belgium
  • Pink Singers, London, UK
  • Potomac Fever, Washington DC, USA
  • International Proud Voices
  • QuerChorallen, Berlin, Germany
  • Quire, Belfast, UK
  • Rainbow Chorus, Brighton, UK
  • Regenbogenchor, Munich, Germany
  • Rock Creek Singers, Washington DC, USA
  • Rosa Note, Stuttgart, Germany
  • RosaCavaliere, Berlin, Germany
  • Rozenkoor, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  • schmaz, Zürich, Switzerland
  • Schola Cantorosa, Hamburg, Germany
  • Schrillerlocken, Hamburg, Germany
  • Schwubs, Bern, Switzerland
  • Sing Out Bristol, UK
  • South Wales Gay Men's Chorus, UK
  • Sweet & Power, Bern, Switzerland
  • Tapalanote, Brussels, Belgium
  • The Glamaphones, Wellington, New Zealand
  • The UV Rays, Florida, USA
  • Trällerpfeifen, Nuremberg, Germany
  • Una Voce: The Florida Men's Chorale, USA
  • Vielhomonie Rhein-Ruhr, Germany
  • Waldschlösschen-Chor, Germany
  • Zauberflöten, Cologne, Germany
  • Zuckerschnitten, Cologne, Germany
  • GALA North American Chorus, USA

Various Voices 2009 London

In 2009 the Various Voices Festival was held in London at the famous Southbank Centre. 

In a unique partnership between the Various Voices charity and London’s Southbank Centre, thousands of singers from across the UK, Europe and further afield converged for what organisers had designed to be an uplifting and inspiring four-day festival of song.

Initiated by the three stakeholder choirs - the London Gay Men’s Chorus, Diversity Choir and the Pink Singers - the Various Voices London 09 festival was planned and run by volunteers working in conjunction with a small professional team, in a collaboration with Southbank Centre as host venue.

Various Voices London was a celebration of the rich Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender choral culture reaching out to share the enriching, empowering and enjoyable experience of singing. This was a festival dedicated to singing with the belief that within singing lays the truest form of self expression, and it aimed to offer everyone many opportunities to do so.

List of the 65 participating choirs 

  • A Cappella Birmingham
  • ARCU
  • Bayou City Performing Arts
  • Brighton Gay Men's Chorus
  • Canta:re
  • Cantatori del Duomo
  • Carmen Curlers
  • Classical Lesbians
  • Cocquettes
  • Cor Cantus
  • Dames
  • De Homofone
  • Deep C Divas
  • Den Norske Homofonien
  • Die Fetten Koketten Soubretten
  • Die Mainsirenen
  • Die Rheintoechter
  • Die Tollkirschen
  • Die WEIBrations
  • Die Zauberflöten
  • Diversity Choir
  • Far From Kansas
  • Fort Lauderdale Gay Men's Chorus
  • Gay Abandon
  • Gemengd Dameskoor
  • Glória - Ireland's Lesbian and Gay Choir
  • 'Goed Gestemd'
  • Hellmans Drengar
  • Homokoor "Onder Anderen"
  • Homophon
  • Kleine Berliner Chorversuchung
  • Le Zbor
  • London Bulgarian Choir
  • London Gay Men's Chorus
  • Loud & Proud
  • Manchester Lesbian & Gay Chorus
  • Mannenkoorts
  • Männer-Minne
  • Mélo'Men
  • Out 'n loud
  • Pegasus Chamber Choir
  • Philhomoniker
  • Pink Singers (The)
  • Podium Paris
  • Rainbow Chorus
  • Rainbow Voices
  • Rosa Note
  • Rozenkoor
  • Schwubs - Schwule Berner Sänger
  • Sing for the Cure - GALA Festival Chorus
  • Sing Out Bristol
  • Sound Circle
  • South London Choir w/ Brighton City Singers
  • Surrey Harmony
  • Sweet & Power
  • Tapalanote (chorale du Brussels Gay Sports)
  • The Lollipop Guild
  • Vancouver Men's Chorus
  • Velvet Fist
  • Vielhomonie Rhein-Ruhr
  • Vox Homana
  • Vox Rosa
  • Warme Wellen
  • With One Voice


Various Voices 2005 Paris

In 2005 the Various Voices Festival was held in Paris. The two amazing concert halls were "La Cigalle" et "Le Trianon" and also several kiosks spread over the parks of the city.



Various Voices 1995 in Groningen

Various Voices 1995 Groningen



Various Voices 1991 in Hamburg

The 6th festival was held in Hamburg from 15.-18. May 1991organised by Schola Cantorosa. 17 choirs took part.

You can find a scan of the detailed program here.









Various Voices 1989 in London

The 5th edition of the festival had the titel "Festival of Song" and took place in London from 11-14 May 1989.

The Pink Singers organised it at the Hackney Empire Theatre and Sadlers Wells. 11 Choirs from 5 countries were part of the festival.














History of Festivals

  1. Festival 1985: Köln (Germany) - "Homo Cantat" 25./26.5.1985
    with 4 choirs from 4 countries
  2. Festival 1986: Amsterdam (Netherlands)
    with 4 choirs from 4 countries
  3. Festival 1987: Stockholm (Sweden)
    with 4 choirs from 4 countries
  4. Festival 1988: Berlin (Germany) 21./22.5.1988
    with 14 choirs from 5 countries
  5. Festival 1989: London (UK) 11.-14.5.1989 
    with 14 choirs from 5 countries
  6. Festival 1991: Hamburg (Germany) 15.-18.5.1991
    with 14 choirs from 5 countries
  7. Festival 1993: Zurich (Switzerland) 20.-23.5.1993
    with 14 choirs from 5 countries
  8. Festival 1995: Groningen (Netherlands) 25.-28.5.1995
    with 36 choirs from 8 countries and 800 singers first time under the titel "Various Voices"
  9. Festival 1997: München (Germany) 16.-18.5.1997
    with 54 choirs from 9 countries and 1,300 singers
  10. Festival 2001: Berlin (Germany) 20.-26.5.2001
    with 70 choirs from 10 countries and 1,500 singers
  11. Festival 2005: Paris (France) 3.-8.5.2005
    with 56 choirs from 10 countries and 1,350 singers
  12. Festival 2009: London (UK) 1.-4.5.2009
    with 59 choirs from 14 countries and 1,800 singers
  13. Festival 2014: Dublin (Ireland) 13.-16.6.2014
    with 76 choirs from 16 countries and 2,500 singers
  14. Festival 2018: München (Germany) 9.-13.5.2018