Deep C Divas


Yorkshire United Kingdom

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Other information

type: women
members: 7
founded: 1999
joined Legato: 2001

Lesbian a capella performance group, the Deep C Divas, were formed in 1999 with the intention of attending the Sydney Gay Games in 2002. They soon discovered the Gay and Lesbian Choirs network and found themselves in San Jose for GALA 2000, in Berlin for Various Voices 2001, Paris for Various Voices 2005, London VV 2008 and Dublin VV 2014.

Originating from Yorkshire they have performed on their home territory at the York Lesbian Arts Festival in addition to teaming up with many other UK LGBT choirs and women's groups to perform in Leeds, Bury, Manchester, Hebden Bridge, Sheffield, Brighton and London.

Self-led since 2003 the sisterly seven have a passion for performance. They sing a mixture of folk, pop and political songs, always remembering that even in these times of change a love song sung by women for women is a political act. More recently the Divas have been delivering their own arrangements of contemporary pieces as well as retaining old favourites in their repertoire.

Renowned for their stage glamour and humour the Deep C Divas are looking forward to entertaining you.