Qwerty Queer


Odessa Ukraine

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Other information

type: mixed
members: 16
founded: 2014
joined Legato: 2016

QwertyQueer - first LGBT Choir of Ukraine, the idea was announced in August 2014 during the queer week Munich-Odessa and its implementation started in January 2015 in Odessa on the initiative and full support of the community center "QueerHomeOdessa".

The choir engaged everyone, regardless of the availability of music education, but with a great desire to improve and develop their talents. Our singers are very friendly, responsive, are activists and volunteers in the community center Queer Home Odessa, take part in all kinds of flash mobs, promotions, events and workshops, general affairs and activities, interests make our movement more productive, visible and meaningful. Participation in the choir helps to learn how to communicate with people a new way to overcome stage fright, do not be afraid to be heard

some milestones in our history:

  • 15.05.2015 debuted at the nightclub "Schede" singing "Vertigo" (Mara) and "Love Tequila" (V.Meladze)
  • 02.-07.06.2015 exchange experience with the choir "Melodiva" in Munich, opened the 11th Festival "Queer takte" in Mainz, the song "Vertigo". We sing the anthem of the festival to the Mayor of Mainz with 16 other choirs (approximately 400 singers). They take part in street performances in the open air with the songs "Vertigo" (Mara), "I will go over the rainbow" (I.Bilyk), "Well you pidmanula mene" (ukr.narodnaya). 
  • 28.06.2015 choir took part in the action of "Queer Home Odessa" Day of the Constitution of Ukraine and together with the other members sang the national anthem of Ukraine on the Duma area in Odessa.
  • 30.10.15 at the party "Queer Home Odessa" on the day of Halloween made in the new structure (already with the guys) with the song "Aha" Pentatonix
  • 27.12.15 at the party "Queer Home Odessa" devoted to the New Year presented the song "Schedryk" and "Little Christmas Tree"
  • 15.04.16 in honor of the birth of #QueerHomeOdessa (our favorite center is 2 years old!), We sang old songs in a new way - "Vertigo" Mary has reworked to perform with the guys, "Aha" Pentatoniks. They sang a new song - "Fireworks" Katie Perry and experimented sang our cover of Ukrainian folk song "Maroussia"