Gaaspstraat 8 Amsterdam The Netherlands

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Other information

type: mixed
members: 23
founded: 1992
joined Legato: 2000

The Rozenkoor was founded in May of 1992 through an advertisement placed by the COC, the Dutch national organization for homosexual men and lesbian women. The enthusiastic response showed a clear need for a choir where Gay men and women could sing together. And so was founded a mixed choir unique to the Gay world.

Each year, we put on a large production for an audience of around 200 people. Next to that, we regularly organize Christmas "diner chantants", projects with other Gay choirs, and we perform at major Gay and anti-discrimination events (such as the 5th anniversary of Gay marriages at the Town Hall), neighborhood parties, psychiatric facilities, funerals (alas), weddings, and birthdays.

The name Rozenkoor has a double meaning: "rozen" means pink, the symbolic colour of the Gay movement, after the pink triangles homosexuals were forced to wear during WWII. It also means roses, and as chance would have it, the COC building, where the choir rehearsed for many years, was in the Rozenstraat, the street of roses. And so you get the Pink Choir of Roses!

The choir's identity may be pink, but from the very beginning bisexual and heterosexual singers have felt very much at home here due to the openness which typifies our ambience. The Rozenkoor has around 25 members and as many men as women.

We have a very active membership with many committees: Creative, PR, Sponsoring, Editorial, etc. We also have a yearly magazine "The Rose".

Our repertoire consists of songs with two to six-part harmony. These vary from classical to pop, solemn to exuberant, Dutch to Japanese, some are acapella, others with piano accompaniment. During our performances, we choreographically emphasize these different aspects.

We regularly adapt lyrics to already existing songs to better suit our character. One of these, our 'Credo', is a call for freedom and acceptance for all people, put to the music of the Dutch national anthem.