Gemengd Dameskoor


Groningen The Netherlands

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Other information

type: women
members: 27
founded: 1988
joined Legato: 2000

Our choir was founded in 1988 and has since then performed in many places and on several occasions. You may remember our performance on former Various Voices festivals in Groningen, Munich, Berlin, Paris, London and Dublin. The choir is well known for the variety of the repertoire and the matching (or just funny!) choreographies. Our music ranges from madrigal to musical.

We are thirty very different ladies, who never make a fuss about where, who, why and how  we love. Lesbian, bi-, mono- and heterosexual women sing side by side and are closely connected.

We sing in dutch, french, english, german, swedish, latin or let our fantasy go. With passion!

We think singing should be fun, but we also work hard on improving our voices, the quality of our choir and of our repertoire. Our choir is a close-knit club of wayward ladies, always looking for new (musical) challenges. Our conductor, Aletta Kwant, thinks Various Voices is a big challenge, but also a great opportunity to reach out to an enthusiastic, music loving audience. Come see, listen and experience our music together with us!