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Type: SATB
Members: 12
Founded: 2000


GLOW stands for Gay, Lesbian or Whatever) and is a space for all Lesbian, Gay, Bi and Trans folk, and our family and friends, to sing together, irrespective of experience. GLOW is a Natural Voice choir, which means there are no auditions, no limits to the repertoire, no judgment and no limits!

Come and join the Eastern GLOW!

The GLOW community started in a field in Dorset, at the turn of the century!

Participants and teachers convened an 'LGBT and our straight allies' group, at the fantastic Unicorn Voice Camp. We met together to share lunch, stories and songs, and over the years, GLOW has become part of the firmament the annual Voice Camps.

GLOWchoirs was formed to capture the spirit of the Voice Camp, and to create a glorious monthly GLOW space in our lives during the rest of the year! We are proud to have some of the foremost Natural Voice Teachers affiliated to the GLOW movement.

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