Welcome to Legato: new member choirs in 2016

We warmly welcome the following new member choirs to Legato. We are now 110 choirs in 16 countries with more than 3,600 singers.

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Edinburgh Gay Men's Chorus

from Edinburgh, UK

type: men / members: 50 / founded: 2007

Edinburgh Gay Men's Chorus was formed in 2007. Our purpose is to entertain our audiences, provide a fun, sociable and supportive environment for our members and lend support to charitable organisations. Performing two major concerts a year, the Chorus is also available for private bookings and charity fundraising events.

Sotto Voce - Pop Choir

from Würzburg, Germany

type: mixed / members: 40 / founded: 2007

Sotto Voce is the pop choir of the LGBTQ community center "WuF e.V." in Würzburg. We are about 40 singers of different ages and with various musical backgrounds, who are all connected by our dedication to and enthusiasm for singing pop songs that are excitingly arranged for up to eight voices by our three choral directors. Our repertoire covers a wide spectrum, ranging from ABBA to Adele and from Eric Clapton to Ed Sheeran. To challenge ourselves, we venture into gospel, rock, film music, jazz, and classical music.

Qwerty Queer

from Odessa, Ukraine

type: mixed / members: 16 / founded: 2014

QwertyQueer - first LGBT Choir of Ukraine, the idea was announced in August 2014 during the queer week Munich-Odessa and its implementation started in January 2015 in Odessa on the initiative and full support of the community center "QueerHomeOdessa".

Omphalos Voices

from Perugia, Italy

type: mixed / members: 32 / founded: 2015

Omphalos Voices is the first chorus rainbow of Umbria and is open to all and everyone. The girls and boys of Omphalos Voices believe that the appreciation of differences, confrontation and respect of identity, inclusion of all and all values are now heritage of the whole society and that the dynamics of a choir are the ideal environment to better express the synergy between different voices that link the harmony of the whole. Omphalos Voices choir is the first LGBT-friendly Umbria, is supported by the Omphalos, and aims to create a musical environment open to all people who believe in equality against any discrimination. Why so many voices together can change the world! The group was founded at the beginning of 2015 and debuted May 17, 2015 on the occasion of the International Day against homophobia and transphobia in the review "I sing for you - Voices for Equality". Omphalos Voices is a member arcum (Regional Association of Choirs Umbrians).

Roma Rainbow Choir

from Roma, Italy

type: mixed / members: 25 / founded: 2006

The Roma Rainbow Choir was founded at the end of August 2006, from an idea of ??what was to be its director Giuseppe Pecce (until December 5, 2014). The Choir is proudly made up of gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, queer, intersexed, heterosexuals, who, through music and song, struggling to spread the culture of respect for any form of love and self-determination. In order that no one should feel threatened, ridiculed, discriminated, marginalized, because of the need to express their human and emotional identity, or simply their free uniqueness by a fence discriminatory called "norm".

Canonve Inverso

from Padova, Italy

type: mixed / members: 23 / founded: 2013

Canon Inverso is an association of people who share a passion for music and singing, looking over sexual orientation and gender identity of each. Our main business is realized in forming a choir is a musical representation of the community * LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans, Queer, Intersex) and straight together and we want to spread the love for music, especially choral, contributing in this way to break down social and cultural stereotypes unfortunately still present in our society. The group was founded in the spring of 2013 in Padua as a project within the Circolo Arcigay Tralaltro, but soon, the success and the need for organizational autonomy have led Canon Inverso to form association in January 2014.


from Köln, Germany

type: mixed / members: 6 / founded: 2013

Men sing with women.And ladies sing with men. This is not new, but different. Ears pasture and eye candy in acappella and color, lustful and morbid. Homo- and polyphonic chants of various persuasions in German and with their own arrangements. Whether Chanson, ballads, musette, swing or what it otherwise still are - the young sextet middle age man clips the musical genres throughout individual way. Gay - Lesbian - acappella: HERRENmitDAMEN

Schwullesbischer Chor Köln

from Köln, Germany

type: mixed / members: 28 / founded: 2010

The "Gay & Lesbian Choir Cologne" was founded in October 2010 as a project of the Cologne University of Music and Dance and improvises to the live-arrangements by music director Jürgen Terhag in which the structure of a mixed choir is completely broken. There are no fixed male and female voices still notes nor conductor; the polyphony is developed at the moment of singing improvisation: musica ex aermolo.