"We Love The Same" - A Song for Irelands Equal Marriage Campaign

Ireland's only lesbian gay bisexual transgender straight' choir CHORAL CON FUSION from Cork has released its first single in support of a yes vote in Irelands same-sex marriage referendum an May 22th 2015.

The idea for We Love The Same – A Song For Equality "came up over pints after rehearsals last October" choir member and the composer of the song Karl Fradgley said.


"It was one of a number of ideas being thrown about, as a way for us to get involved in the referendum campaign. I came up with the song the following week, while walking the dog, I put it the group and we decided to go for it.”

He added: "The feedback and encouragement we have gotten has been immense but one person summed it all up at our launch last week…Cliona, one of our straight sopranos hit the nail on the head when she told the audience that she was born with the right to marry and yet every Wednesday she stands beside fellow sopranos, who do not have that right."

We Love The Same – A Song For Equality is available now on iTunes, Google Play, Spotify and Deezer and costs 99c. The proceeds are going to the Yes Campaign in the upcoming referendum. "

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