77 (Love is Love) 2015 - charity project with the help of "Rosa Note"

Homosexuality is punishable in over 70 countries – in 7 countries by death.

77 reasons for fight for the human rights of homo- and transsexuals. Love is love – everywhere.


With the song “77 (LOVE IS LOVE)” Projekt 100% HUMAN and the Berlin initiative ENOUGH is ENOUGH! OPEN YOUR MOUTH! denounce the unbearable situation that lesbian, gay, bisexual, transident, transsexual, intersexual, queer, and asexual people are forced to endure in many countries around the world, and encourage the victims of state and religious oppression and violence.

Horse McDonald from Scotland, German Idol winner Daniel Schuhmacher, Whitney Houston lookalike Ikenna Amaechi, along with Keye Katcher, Steffi List, Annie Heger, Ela Querfeld, and Holger Edmaier, all raising their voices for acceptance and equality with the support of the Stuttgart men's choir “Rosa Note”.

This year the proceeds from the sales of the song and campaign shirts will go to the“ENOUGH is ENOUGH! OPEN YOUR MOUTH!” initiave in Berlin, as well as to several small projects in the LSBTTIQA community.