Mallorca Gay Chorus Festival

Be a part of Spain's first Gay Choir Festival on May 7-10, 2015

We are very happy about the developments in southern Europe. Not only Italy is preparing his first Cromatica festival (see our last newsletter) but also Spain is running one in short time. 

We got now new information from the organisers of the Mallorca Gay Men's Chorus about their festival.

Here are some more information about the MALLORCA GAY CHORUS FESTIVAL - ANDRATX 2015

From Thursday the 7th of May until Sunday the 10th, the first edition of “Mallorca Gay Chorus Festival” – Andratx 2015 will be celebrated on the island thanks to Andratx Council and the “Mallorca Gay Men’s Chorus”.

It will be an international festival of Gay choruses where a total of 4 choir groups from countries such as England, France and Spain have been invited to come and join the hosts, the “Mallorca Gay Men’s Chorus”, to perform at the event.

This unprecedented festival in our country will be indeed, the first international gay chorus festival celebrated in Spain.

These choir groups, during the 3 day festival, will sing at different concerts in Andratx, Palma, Alcudia and Cala Mijor, and they will also have the opportunity to discover the island through excursions and cultural visits as well as getting to know each other and forging links with the other participating groups.

The participating chorus’ are:

  • Equivox: A mixed chorus of gays and lesbians from Paris.
  • The Pink Singers: An LGTB chorus from London with a continuing trajectory of more than 20 years.
  • Barcelona Rainbow Singers: The first gay chorus created in our country.
  • Mallorca Gay Men’s Chorus: The host of the event will, of course, also be present.

The festival will start on the 7th of May with the arrival of the guest choirs and a reception offered by the Andratx Council.

At sunset the choruses will offer their first concert at the Son Mas Castle in Andratx, at the end of which all groups will sing together “Pride (in the name of love)”. After the concert the Andratx Council will offer a dinner for the singers and DJ Tito Deluxe will play music for the welcome party on the terraces of the castle.

On Friday the 8th, the singers will go on an excursion to discover the Tramuntana Mountains. At night 2 concerts will take place; The Pink Singers and Barcelona Rainbow Singers will sing for the public in Alcudia Auditorium and Equivox and Mallorca Gay Men’s Chorus will stage another concert in “Sa Maniga” Auditorium in Cala Millor (Sant Lorenc des Cardassar).

The following day, Saturday the 9th of May, the groups will have a guided cultural visit to discover the historic center of Palma and, in the process, get to know one another.

Finally, at night, the “Trui Teatre” of Palma will be the stage for the closing concert in which all the choirs will sing together.

At midnight, the club “La Demence Palma” will offer a goodbye party that will end this first edition of the “Mallorca Gay Chorus Festival”- Andratx 2015.



In this 1st edition of the “Mallorca Gay Men Chorus Festival” the groups taking part will be:



Full name: Barcelona Rainbow Singers – Coral de Panteres Grogues
Director: Xavier Torras
Number of singers: 38

BRS belongs to the Panteres Grogues club and was founded 5 years ago as a playful section inside the club for some members. Step by step it has become more formal and serious collecting compromised amateur singers and further developing the playful side of the LGTBs Collective.

The chorus is divided into 3 voices and the repertoire is based on musicals and pop rock music with some other styles. In our acts two things stand out: On the one hand, BRS actively collaborates in many Gay Pride acts in Barcelona or Sitges, International HIV day and Festigay and on the other hand with our concerts like our last show “BRS y punto!”.



Full name: Equivox
Director: Babeth Joined
Number of singers: 80

Composed of Gays, Lesbians and Friends, they were founded in 1989 and this year celebrates their 25th anniversary. They’re the only chorus in Paris composed of both Gays and Lesbians.

Equivox offers a repertoire at 12 concerts a year including some on the street. There are approximately 80 singers, the majority being men.

Equivox’s members sing many things and they dance a lot! Depending on the season the chorus selects different repertoires from various years and centuries, like operattas, songs from Rebirth ages and original creations from the director Babeth Joinet.

They sing to have fun and reduce homophobiaand discrimination against LGTB people. They’re an activist chorusthat sings to raise money to fight against HIVor to help LGTB causes.

They are used to travelling around France and abroad to meet other choruses like them.



Full name: Pink Singers
Director: Murray Hipkin
Number of singers: 80

A chorus from the LGTB community of London which was created on the 7th of April 1983 and have come to be known as “Pinkies”.

They were created by following in the footsteps of other choruses from the USA with the focus on offering their voices to the Gay Pride Parade.

Back when their founders stood around a piano singing at the Oval House they couldn’t imagine what the Pinkies would become 3 decades later.

We are, essentially, an LGTB choir with more than 80 singers from different origins joined together thanks to the desire to sing quality choir music. We are a mixed chorus that sings a wide variety of music from pop to classic, jazz to folk…

We also like to dance so everyone can show off their talents.

We perform 2 main concerts in London a year, many other smaller ones and we also sing with other choruses all over the UK and abroad. We have had the opportunity to sing in Iceland, Portugal, Malta and Greece, among other places, and we are delighted to be a part of, along with the Mallorca Gay Men’s Chorus and the rest of the groups, the first Gay Chorus Festival celebrated in Spain.



The hosting choir...

Full name: Mallorca Gay Men's Chorus
Director: Joan Lainez
number of singers: 40

A group of friends from the choral world, decide to create a training to sing a wide repertoire of songs of varied origin and theme: music , current song, classic rock ...

Based on performances of successful existing along and wide chorus (San Francisco Gay Men's Chorus , Los Angeles GMC , London GMC ... ) are encouraged to create the same in Mallorca: a choir, Mallorca Gay Men's Chorus, composed entirely by male voices and want to do something different in the world of choral music.

Although the word "gay " appears in the name, is not a closed training only homosexuals . Any man who shares a passion for music and the desire to enjoy singing can be part of this training. Not intended to be a chorus of "champions" in any protest movement in particular, but it is willing to cooperate in all activities dedicated to helping, supporting and promoting human rights is its multiple facets (Day of Human Rights, LGBT Pride, Day Against Abuse of Women, International Day of the Fight Against AIDS ... ).

Under the direction of Joan Lainez (pianist and choral groups), selection tests (which more than 50 candidates present) are held and in which thirty voices are chosen to start the journey of this training. Also begins the search for musicians to accompany the choir in concert (bass, drums, keyboards ...).

Among the components found choreographer and dancer Jordi Granados, offered to ride choreography and stage movement for the chorus, elements that will provide a complete and novel spectacle.

The October 27, 2012 start rehearsals (currently on loan from a local Council of Palma ) and from then until now a steady job, a complete surrender and all the excitement and enthusiasm possible by its members are leading the way of this training.