Type: TTBB

Members: 40

Founded: 2005


Actually Gay Men's Chorus was set up in 2005 (Then the 'Brighton & Hove (actually) Gay Men's Chorus') with the specific aim of providing a place where gay men could socialise, have fun, develop their vocal skills in a unique environment, and perform to the public while raising money for charity. Members benefit from the wide-ranging musical experience from TV and theater land and have the expertise at hand to develop their own talents with professional tuition.

The chorus produces three of our own concerts every year ranging from West End to Disney, Bon Jovi to Abba and Monteverdi to McCartney.

The Chorus is reputed to produce a "big sound" and is often asked to perform as guests.

We're proud to be members of Actually Community Interest Company - a not for profit organisation that manages projects within the community.


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