Bologna Italy

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Other information

type: men
members: 24
founded: 2008
joined Legato: 2011

Komos, first gay men's chorus of Italy, was born in September 2008, the brainchild of director Paul V. Montanari. Through an intensive recruitment activities through print and web, it is the first group of singers who share a passion for music and singing, they actually founded the choir komos choral conducting its business at the Circle Arcigay "Matthew Shepard" of Modena.

Soon as a result of increasing participation, this seat has proved cramped and no longer suitable, so the choir moved to Bologna. First at The Keep, home of the National Arcigay, which debuted in March 2009 joined by soprano Tiziana Tramonti, from the tenor Jason Ferrante and pianist Mario Sollazzo . Subsequently, at the premises of the Parish of St. Bartholomew 's Beverara where he was offered gracious hospitality by the parish priest Don Nildo Pirani.

By the will of the Curia of Bologna, the chorus is forced yet another transfer, but this has not prevented the "Komosnauti " - as they like to call the choir of komos - to persevere along the route with the aim to play a role in representing within the social network to spread the LGBTQ and western classical music in order to break down the stereotypes that surround these two realities.

Thanks to the support of associations, institutions and citizens from all over Italy the komos has received lots of offers for a new space in which to continue the musical activity. The choice then fell on the headquarters of the Evangelical Methodist Church of Bologna, Via Giacomo Venezian 1, a short walk from the Two Towers and Piazza Maggiore. Thanks to the availability and kindness of the pastor and his community, as well as to support the brave Master Shoe Iolando in favor of our music project, this has become the registered office of komos which was formed in 2011 as an Association of Social Promotion.

Both the enhancement and respect for differences as the exaltation of the universality of music as a global language, have helped to create within the choral group a distinctly multicultural reality that has emerged over time as a valuable peculiarities of komos.

To date, the adventurous and daring journey of Komosnauti offers many musical and cultural experiences at national and European level, often with the collaboration of well-known artists and professionals of the stage musical and lyrical Italian and international .