Köln Germany

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Other information

type: mixed
members: 30
founded: 1997
joined Legato: 2012

The LGBT capital of western Germany has long had a vibrant choral scene with gay men’s choruses and lesbian choirs. History was made in 1997, however, with the founding of dİE TAKTLOSEN. Born out of a desire for a choir that could sing traditional four-voice harmonies, we were the city’s first and are now its longest-running mixed choir for lesbians, gay men, and their straight friends.

Whether performing full choir a-cappella or in small ensembles, in concert or at rehearsals, our principal aim is to have fun making music together. In fact, we just love singing! From pop, rock and folk, through jazz and Latin standards to classical and traditional choral music, our wide-ranging repertoire includes delicate harmonies, infectious rhythms and exacting dynamics performed to a consistently high standard under the professional guidance of our choral director, Ilka Tenne.

Our own full-length concerts, as well as our performances at Cologne’s annual lesbian and gay choir festival “StimmFusion” and our joint Christmas concert with our sister choir, Cantilena, have made us a firm favourite on the LGBT choral music scene in our home city.

Invitations to perform in other parts of Germany and beyond have also taken us to places such as Bremen, Saarbrücken, Paris and Amsterdam. We are always interested in hearing from other LGBT choirs. We hope to see you soon – maybe at one of our performances in Cologne, or perhaps we can come and perform in your city!