Rosa Note


Stuttgart Germany

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Other information

type: men
members: 34
founded: 1991
joined Legato: 1997

Rosa Note was founded in 1991, so we will have been singing together for 18 years in 2009. We are about 30 Singers, all male and as far as we know - gay. The range of age is from the late twenties to over 70. We are singing TTBB.

The range of our repertoire is as coloured as the gay community consists of: popular songs, musical hits, and some classical literature.
The choir has been strongly conducted by Amadeus Hoffmann, school musician, aged 49 since the first days of our existence, being supported by Gregor Falkenhagen, choreographer, Gerd Adelmann, stage director, a program group and our Board of directors. Rosa Note has developed their own style over the years, we call it 'choir cabaret', which means each of our program is accompanied by a simple plot, choreography and spoken texts. The latest programs were 'Männerfang', 'kochende Leidenschaften', 'Überkochende Leidenschaften' and our current 'Globale Erwärmung'.

Rosa Note has performed in most major cities in Germany as well as in Switzerland and the Netherlands.  2008?s hit was the organising 'Südluscht', the Southern German Gay and Lesbian Choir meeting together with our Stuttgart lesbian partners Musica Lesbiana. 18 Choirs from Southern Germany and Switzerland performed in 2 major concerts, accompanied by parties, workshops and open air concerts. We were participants of several Various Voices festivals as in Zurich, Munich, Berlin, Groningen, London.