Die Mainsirenen


Frankfurt/M. Germany

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Other information

type: men
members: 36
founded: 1987
joined Legato: 1997

The Mainsirenen ("River Main Sirens") formed in 1987. Still going strong, they're now one of the longest-serving gay choirs in Germany. Right from the outset they've believed that the whole point of singing in a gay choir is to provide a gay take on life - both in the music and in the lyrics. And it's a take which has proved extremely popular, as witnessed by the choir's audience today which is broader than ever.  Anyone looking for a snapshot of modern "gay identity" need look no further - this cabaret-choir offers a razor-sharp image. The Mainsirenen attended their first "Various Voices" in London in 1989. Back then there were only 11 members - now there are over 40! Founding father Luzian Lange is still, however, Choir Director.