Berlin Germany

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Other information

type: mixed
members: 39
founded: 2002
joined Legato: 2003

Lesbian and gay musical enthusiasts united in a big Berlin choir – this idea was put into practice in 2002 when canta:re was founded. Characterised by diversity, canta:re is a happy crowd of people who simply enjoy singing together. canta:re's focus is on classical choral music, where "classical" means the multi-faceted choral literature from the Middle Ages to the present time.

Thomas Noll became Canta:re's musical director in 2005. He has made a name for himself both as a choral director and an organist.

canta:re has been a registered society since 2004. Its constitution stipulates that the society shall foster choral singing, communication between lesbian and gay people, the emancipation of homosexuals in Germany and the elimination of discrimination. The most important means to achieve this, of course, is singing and maintaining a public profile.