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Schlachthaustheater - Archive


Rathausgasse 20/22



The Schlachthaus Theater Bern is a theatre for collaborations and guest performances, both from Switzerland and abroad. It is subsidized by public funds. The Schlachthaus Theater’s association has defined the theatre’s task with a mission statement and guidelines.

Walk from the train station to the Schlachthaus Theatre in 15 minutes

From the platform, walk down into the beautiful underpass of the Bern train station. Continue towards the main exit and walk straight ahead towards NEUENGASSE. Do not take a right turn, but go up the stairs and leave the train station. Walk straight ahead, through NEUENGASSE.

At the end, you will get to WAISENHAUSPLATZ. Cross this place diagonally and turn into ZEUGHAUSGASSE to your left. Walking through ZEUGHAUSGASSE will take you to KORNHAUS.

Cross KORNHAUSPLATZ and head for RATHAUSGASSE, passing Cafe Pyrenées and Cesary-Bar. Stroll along Messer Klötzli and Käse Heugel, dive into the arcade and walk until you hit No. 20: You have reached your destination!

By car

Parking is limited in the Old Town. If you’re lucky, you might find a parking space for an hour in the Blue Zone (with parking disc). If you want to stay longer you should use a car park, for example the Postgasshalde car park just below the Schlachthaus Theater.

For directions, see map:

Event image Date Title City Choir
new program
10.04.13, 20:30 h - 13.04.13 Bern Schwubs
Premiere new programme
15.04.15, 20:00 h Bern Schwubs
new programme
16.04.15, 20:00 h Bern Schwubs
new programme
17.04.15, 20:00 h Bern Schwubs
new programme
18.04.15, 20:00 h Bern Schwubs
19.04.17, 20:00 h Bern Schwubs
20.04.17, 20:00 h Bern Schwubs
21.04.17, 20:00 h Bern Schwubs
22.04.17, 20:00 h Bern Schwubs

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