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Lorensbergsteatern, is a theater building, an amphitheater, located in Goteborg park in Gothenburg. The theater was designed by architect Charles M. Bengtson, stage decor was done by German C. Roeder, and was built on initiative and was part funded by restaurateur Sophus Petersen, who ran the former restaurant in Goteborg Park. When it was completed in 1916, after just over five months of work, it was considered to be the most modern theater with seats for 1,000 people and including a revolving stage and cyclorama. Première by 800 guests, was held October 27, 1916 by August Strindberg's play A Dream Play. The theater reached its absolute success during Karl Gerhards years.

With the new Gothenburg City Theatre was completed in 1934 was built Lorensbergsteatern on to cinema, acquired by the people of Skåne and the lawyer Sture Persson. On 19 September 1934, it premiered on Lorensbergs Bio with Frank Capra's It Happened One Night with Clark Gable among others. The cinema was closed September 13, 1987 and the premises were again used as a theater. National Theatre produced in 1987 a theater production of Peter Pan here before Culture tube took over. Lorensbergsteatern is also the name of a limited partnership owned by Culture tube.

From 1987, Galenskaparna and After Shaves Production Culture tube rented the entire theater of Gothenburg. Culture tube in turn rent out the theater when they do not have their own sets to make. The theater in the 2000s used as a cinema during the Gothenburg Film Festival.

Lorensbergsteatern included since 1991 in Higab Group's property portfolio and April 2, 2012 heritage building was declared theater of the Administrative Board

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