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Brussels is an open-minded city, in a country always at the forefront of LGBTQ+ rights and ranked second in the ILGA-Europe Rainbow Index 2021. By singing together in the capital of Europe’s 500 million citizens, we’ll deliver a powerful message and a strong signal aimed at countries where our community faces repeated attacks.


Various Voices Brussels 2026 will be a joyful festival, with plenty of time for leisure and sharing. But why should we wait until 2026 to have fun with our friends? As soon as Various Voices Bologna 2023 is over, we’ll start involving all Legato choir members in the creative process of the 2026 festival. We will twin choirs for online rehearsals or live collaborations. We will create together the main shows of the festival through virtual meetings to select repertoire, share scores or write scripts. Two shows will play with Belgian culture and stereotypes in a fun way: “Kings & Queens of Belgium'' because Belgium is a kingdom, and we want to make it a Queerdom;  and “The Treachery of Images'' to look beyond appearances, like in the Belgian surrealist painter Magritte’s artwork. The culmination of the festival will be the “Let Your Heart Be Heard” night, outdoors near the European Parliament. This concert will illustrate our history and the fight for our rights. At the end, we will together perform a giant LGBTQ+ choral work composed for the festival.


Various Voices Brussels 2026 will also be a festival committed to the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals: socially, environmentally and economically sustainable; inclusive; accessible; with zero carbon footprint.


So, where is the best place for the next festival? In Brussels, of course! Let’s work together to create the most amazing festival ever! Sing Out Brussels! (The Fabulous Queer Choir) cannot wait to welcome you to the vibrant heart of Europe, and help you discover the fabulous welcome and warmth of its residents!

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