Brussels Belgium

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Other information

type: mixed
members: 53
founded: 2006
joined Legato: 2011

TAPALANOTE translates into English as "you're off-key" a good Belgian joke and also something which has become our very own "visiting card"!  It also underlines how there is more than just wanting to sing together that brings us together: it's also about the sheer pleasure of singing, mixed in with a generous sprinkling of fun.

TAPALANOTE is around twenty women and men, some of whom are just beginning to discover choral singing while others are improving their vocal skills through this common musical project. Amateur and experienced musicians alike are all involved in this shared experience.  TAPALANOTE's basic principle is to provide a fun meeting place for a shared activity we love. It's also a chance to meet other members, both men and women, in a friendly atmosphere, while sharing a creative moment.  The choir is led by professional choir conductor, Bernard Guillemin.  Bernard Guillemin from the Liège and Brussels Conservatories, has worked with J.P. Peuvion, F. Fiorini, André Caucheteux, Al. De Rijckere and P.Tomek.