Pink Noise


Antwerpen Belgium

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Other information

type: mixed
members: 28
founded: 1999
joined Legato: 2012

Pink Noise is the enthusiastic GLBT-choir of Antwerp's own Active Company ( The first cautious notes could be heard fourteen years ago in a dusky parish hall during the weekly rehearsals. It was under the guidance of Arto Van Bauwel that the number of members grew and the choir had its first successes. As early as 2001 the choir managed to organize successfully an international choir festival.

Abroad Pink Noise was a welcome guest too, such as in Hamburg, Amsterdam and Maastricht. Rehearsals by then took place in the beautiful Antwerp building of the ‘interpreter school’.

In 2005 Sabine Uijterhoeve took over Arto’s baton. She managed to achieve many highlights as well, a.o. in castle grounds in Breda, at weddings in the Antwerp Zoo, on bus 30 with ‘het Bad van Marie’ and the recording of a CD at the occasion of the tenth anniversary. The home base of the choir became the ‘Roze Huis’ in Draakplaats and it has been so until now.

At the end of 2012 Arto returned as conductor and it has taken him a lot of effort to prepare the choir in a relatively short time for the WOGA Choir Gala in August 2013.

Pink Noise is an all-round and cosmopolitan choir: from the Sound of Music nuns to Dorothy in Somewhere over the Rainbow; from Mamma Mia to It’s Raining Men; from Annie M.G. Schmidt to Brigitte Kaandorp; from Old-Flemish and French to Yiddish and Finnish.