Dear choristers,

At the recent Legato Annual Meeting 2016 we found that communication and PR of Legato can be improved. A simple and fast way to achieve this goal is to make a better use of the possibilities that social media offer.


Legato’s Facebook page has already existed for some time, but was not actively used. We want to improve this and that is why we recently started posting some messages and testing the reactions. It functions as we expected: fast and with direct results.

We are ready to change the Legato FB group into a real communication platform for all the European Legato members. From now on, the administrators will post information on a regular basis. Besides – and this is an important change - every member of this ‘open’ Facebook group will have the possibility to post his/her own message: about one’s own choir, a festival, a performance, a TV show etc. This way you will be able to promote your own choir or a performance or share any other information with all the ca. 4000 European choristers, isn’t that great!

We hope to achieve that choirs and singers will become more linked to each other and that they will share more together. And we invite you to join us in this effort. Please share this information with all your choir members and help us to make the Legato FB communication a big success!

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