Various Voices 2018: Registration for choirs is open

The Munich team is ready: the registration for VARIOUS VOICES 2018 has started!

Be there in spring 2018 when through our music, we dream of a world of solidarity beyond continents and language barriers: Out, loud, proud!

For the spontaneous, we offer an early booking discount until 31 March 2017. So don’t delay, start today! The delegate registration starts on 1 April 2017. Then all individual participans without choir and companions are cordially invited to register as well. Full details of the prices and categories, together with more information about booking, can be found on the homepage.

register now on the festival website

The registration is operated via the Integra Planner. The software guides you through the registration process:

  1. As an authorized member of the choir you open a personal account.
  2. Then you enter the data for your choir.
  3. Now you are automatically the administrator of your choir in the Integra Planner. The team advise you to have at least two administrators registered. As the first admin you can activate other choir members as soon as they opened an account in the Integra Planner.
  4. Your choir is not yet registered for Various Voices. As soon as you paid the choir fee by Paypal your registration is binding.

Various Voices München would particularly like to help the encouraging number of new choirs in eastern and southern Europe to participate (some of them for the first time) in the Festival. Therefore there was set up a support programme. Please consider the deadlines for this programme!

The Various Voices Team of the LGBT*I Choirs in München is formed by the local choirs:

  • Philhomoniker
  • Melodiva
  • Lilamunde
  • Regenbogenchor

For questions and help please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The Festival is being organised with the generous support of the City of Munich and under the patronage of Lord Mayor Dieter Reiter for Legato, the umbrella organisation of lesbian and gay choirs in Europe.